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Hello everyone I’m Angel, but you can call me Princess if you want. Some drawings/animations will be SFW and NSFW. I hope everyone have a nice day! I’m officially a Voice Actress of since 2015 and got back to it December 2020

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AngelTheCyborgPanda's News

Posted by AngelTheCyborgPanda - April 30th, 2021

Drawing/Animating OCs who’s part of Angel The Cyborg Panda Comic and stories.

Draw some concept art for it like, buildings, houses, fictional foods, drinks, etc. I’m open for ideas.

I’ll try to be more active on YouTube since I might have some energy to do them. I’m this close to 200 subscribers. 189 subs right now (but it might go down again)

Unfortunately the Requests are closed permanently until I get other requests done so I won’t stressed out.

I’m that close of finishing my Comic Angel The Cyborg Panda!

I guess I was wrong about the Anniversary on the 24th... Turns out it was May 27th or May 28th. I’ll might make a video dedicating to 7 Year Anniversary!

That’s all I have to say, have good day/night everyone! See you guys on Monday! ~Angel/Princess

Posted by AngelTheCyborgPanda - February 27th, 2021

This month has been nuts lately. But luckily it’s almost over. 

I heard about that my favorite show is coming back on for the third season!! So for maybe Saturdays I’ll change the schedule of the animations to Sundays but It won’t be posted until the weekdays and I’ll won’t online on Weekends. 

I heard that a YouTube Alternate site is coming back online soon as well! So that means I’ll do gameplays, animation memes, random videos, Speedpaints with music which will have a copyright notice, and animations with sound effects and music with copyright belongs to the media. Probably Gacha Life if I make some characters for it. 

I heard about Pillowfort having problems this month and last month as well. So feel free to send me the invitation to it or I’ll wait until it relaunches next month. 

For requests I ain’t accepting anymore until I get the overdue comic requests (2/20) done. 

For my comic Angel The Cyborg Panda. I got like 60+ pages left to go! So when I after I done making the comic in months I’ll write stories for my OCs in different series/movies (which I’ll be planning to make after I get better at animation and voice acting.) Smoothie The Dog, The cyborg cat named Rebel, Cupcake The Teenage Police Dog, Angel The Cyborg Panda, Pets in the wild (the title may change), The Fox Named Stella, The Adventures of Purple and Friends, and a lot more. 

For those of you who are new and have a DeviantArt account (due to some comic pages has mature content filter) 

Feel free to read the comic: https://www.deviantart.com/angelthecyborgpanda/art/Angel-the-Cyborg-Panda-Cover-533515771

For my main OC Angel, I’ll might make her as my main Sona and me again since I missed being her. Don’t worry Princess will still be my Sona as well, but as a second Sona and she’ll be me as well. I’ll be two Sonas at the same time. Due to confusion of Angel (Cyborg Panda) and Princess (Angel Panda) by others. 


Drawing/animating St Patrick’s Day stuff and getting done quickly as possible without stress and distraction. 

That’s all I have to say for today, have a good day/night everyone! ~Angel Panda/Princess 


Posted by AngelTheCyborgPanda - January 30th, 2021

Making Valentine’s Day related drawings/animations (hopefully I’ll do making animations earlier than Saturday)

Make an Early Valentine’s Day stream of me talking about my ships of my ocs and one of my fictional crushes of my adult male OCs/Sonas. instead of video because I don’t want to get copyright claim about me taking my fictional crushes from movies, games, etc.

Making an Early Valentine’s Day Drawing and a early birthday gift for a friend who’s born on that holiday and I won’t be online on that holiday.

Writing my ship stories and my OC/Sona x reader stories.

After Valentine’s Day possibly making new idea drawings, making some emojis for my Discord and Telegram. Making some new background Drawings for my three Fictional Worlds: Heaviside, Vixia, and Terronda

Posted by AngelTheCyborgPanda - January 3rd, 2021

Since my birthday is in six days, here’s some stuff I’ll do this week since I do have some energy to do.

Make an 21st birthday special animation for YouTube since my birthday is on Saturday and I make animations on Saturdays. 

I’ll be making another one but it’s NSFW, it’s going to be involve of my main Sona Princess getting fucked by 21 guys. Which will be called 21 birthday fucks. If you want your male OC/Sona be in it comment the reference below (18+ Only and 18+ male OC/Sona only as well)

I’ll be adding people on the birthday special animation. I’m already added my older brother in it. If you want or your OCs to be in send the reference sheets in the comments below. Humans only, but I don’t mind Anthro characters. 21+ characters only, but I’ll might be having 18+ characters in it. 

I’ll be doing livestreams as well.

For the 5th, my main OC/Second Sona Angel’s Birthday stream. And I’ll be using Streamyard on my phone since I’m pretty much new to streaming. And on the 6th maybe an early birthday stream/work in progress stream of the birthday special.

Posted by AngelTheCyborgPanda - November 28th, 2020


Drawing/Animating Christmas Related Stuff

Writing Christmas related Stories 

Making some Voice acting videos/animations that is Christmas related if I feel like it.

Making My thoughts on 2020 video

Making changes in 2021 video as well

Making Christmas/Normal gifts for People (Irl Oldest to Youngest) (Online Youngest to Oldest)


Singing Christmas Songs

Watching Christmas Movies/Specials

Watching Christmas Related Videos

Practice Drawing and trying to Improve by using references. And trying to make my new style Realistic. But I’m keeping my current style.

That’s all I have to say for now, Have a good day/night everyone! ~Angel/Princess 


Posted by AngelTheCyborgPanda - August 29th, 2020

I’m not gonna voice act one of my OCs that I’m thinking of/practicing voice acting and my Sonas such as my main Sona for nsfw Animations because for safety reasons. And I will not voice act in other people nsfw Animations due to safety reasons too. 

But I do practice them as a free time just in case if I’m brave enough to voice act for nsfw Animations. ~Angel/Princess 


Posted by AngelTheCyborgPanda - July 18th, 2020

Since I’ve been watching some NSFW Animations.

If I decided to make some nsfw animation shorts or a full length movies. (I need to practice animating more) What animations would you guys like to see from me? ~Angel/Princess



Posted by AngelTheCyborgPanda - April 27th, 2020

Drawing/Animating Angel and OCs who’s part of the series. Maybe drawing my Sonas with them. Drawing canon characters with them until the 24th. 

That’s all I have to say for now. Have a good day/night everyone! ~Angel/Princess

Posted by AngelTheCyborgPanda - March 28th, 2020

Drawing/Animating Easter Related Stuff

Watching Easter Related Movies/Shows 

Rp Easter Related (Friends Only) 

That’s all I have to say~Angel/Princess 


Posted by AngelTheCyborgPanda - January 25th, 2020


Drawing/Animating Valentines Day related stuff. 

Probably doing romantic animation memes


Finishing reading the book. 

Watching Valentine’s Day related episodes 

Watching romantic movies